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Krane: Supports Obama for president

If Mr. Cowles, Ms. Knoles and Mr. McGahey voted for George Bush – the Jr. – for two terms, then they’re backing the right horse this time around. When Mr. McGahey refers to President Obama as a “crass political liar who – will do or say anything to get elected,” he’s aloof … because he’s just described every prior presidential candidate down the line. If he’s excusing Mr. Romney from this, then he’s deaf and blind.

In Keynesian economic theory, which Mr. McGahey references constantly, the “aggregate demand” (total spending in the economy) sometimes behaves erratically. Since the post-Depression era, Keynesian advocates have held for government intervention during recession. Not sure if this president’s involvement in stabilizing the auto industry qualifies, but we all know how Mr. Romney would have handled it.

At this point, I refer to one of my fly fishing practices … when you approach the river, just sit there, watch and listen, squint at the water to identify flow, eddies, structure, rising fish. Be the river. Squinting at the campaign, I hear uncertainty and fear in Mr. Romney’s voice. Oh, he came out swinging in the first debate, but unlike Mr. McGahey’s summation, it’s been proven that Mr. Romney spouted many half-truths and myths (27 of them in 38 minutes according to NationofChange). Where was Mr. Obama? I’d still like to know myself.

We’ve just come from a week in northern New Mexico where it was 75, sunny, the cottonwoods blazing. Also, there was not one Romney/Ryan bumper sticker or yard banner visible – making the landscape even more pleasant. In the shadow of Taos Mountain, the plentiful “Obamanos! Gotta Vote!” signs everywhere took on more lustre.

My fear is this. If Mr. McGahey’s horse happens not to come in, we may want to keep an eye on him for his own safety.

Matt Krane, Breckenridge