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Kraus: The angry left

The angry left. … when I picked up my Romney/Ryan yard signs and bumper stickers I was cautioned to keep my car in the garage because of expected vandalism. I said that “yeah, I knew about that,” because of the ugliness I’d experienced in 2004/2008.

While I waited to cross the street, Romney signs in hand, a middle-aged man scowled at me as he drove by and gave me the “middle finger.” I said to myself, “well, it didn’t take long for the hatefulness to begin.” When I got home I told my wife I’d bet her the signs would be destroyed or vandalized within 24 hours; I lost that bet because it took almost 48 hours. So, when I replaced those signs, I made another bet with her and said they won’t last 24 hours: I won that bet. Since the vandalism began this election cycle I’ve had 14 yard signs vandalized, destroyed or stolen. So, the venom and hate in Breckenridge is alive and well, and it’s not just a few people, it’s many… and they are left of center. What a shame! As you might have guessed, I continue to replace the yard signs. When my wife and I were walking to our car with our signs in hand, a woman, who I’d guess was about 35 years old, leaned out of the passenger side of the car and loudly yelled “F**k Mitt Romney.” Also, it should be noted here, that the phone and electrical boxes in my neighborhood have been splashed with blue paint. The police have informed me that numerous stories, like mine, have been reported. I wonder if these people, are the same ones who claim to be morally superior to the rest of us. The left should be ashamed of their own!