Lilly: Karn does what’s best for Summit County |

Lilly: Karn does what’s best for Summit County

Frank Lilly, Silverthorne

If a business has an employee who works hard and does a good job, they don’t replace them just for the sake of making a change.

You, the voters of Summit County, have an employee who has worked incredibly hard for almost four years and has a very long string of accomplishments. Her name is Karn Stiegelmeier.

Karn’s work ethic is beyond reproach. She does her homework, often staying up late to be prepared for meetings the next day. She represents Summit County at meetings all over the State of Colorado. She listens to all sides of every issue, and makes decisions based upon what is best for Summit County.

Karn is a true fiscal conservative, having trimmed and balanced the Summit County budget as one of her first tasks upon taking office. She has also worked tirelessly to protect our beautiful environment, while also working to improve the economic climate of Summit County.

Don’t be fooled by arguments based on partisan politics. You will never have a more dedicated, hard-working, or balanced county commissioner. I know this firsthand, because I am her husband. Sincerely,

Frank Lilly, Silverthorne

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