Breckenridge dog wash raises funds for Mountain Top Museum |

Breckenridge dog wash raises funds for Mountain Top Museum

Brandon Evans

Shannon O'Brien, of Breckenridge, doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. The 11-year-old has been volunteering for years.

She was at it again Wednesday morning at the Main Street Station, where the nonprofit Mountain Top Children's Museum held its annual fundraising event featuring kids washing dogs.

"This is our ninth year having this fundraiser, and Shannon has been doing this for seven of those years," said Laura Horvath, the museum's executive director. "She doesn't attend the camps anymore, but she's still out here helping raise money so other kids can enjoy it too."

"I like helping people get their dogs washed," Shannon said. "It's also good for the community and helps kids attend the camps and visit the museum."

Not all the dogs were very cooperative about getting a bath.

"Some of them are scared of the water, so we use a warm hose that doesn't have as much pressure," she said.

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An 11-week-old yellow lab named Skier was all tail-wagging and cuddles when the kids were giving him attention. But as soon as they fired up the hose and pulled out the spray bottles, he tried his best to wiggle away.

Meanwhile, Otis, a bulky, furry 7-year-old Bernese mountain dog, looked like he was enjoying a day at the spa as kids scrubbed and brushed his dark coat to an ebony sheen.

Horvath said they created the dog wash event as a way to get the kids involved.

"At first we thought about a car wash, but nobody can keep a car clean for longer than two minutes up here anyway," she said. "But everybody up here has dogs, so we decided to try that instead."

She's seen some of the same dogs come back every year.

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