Breckenridge Town Council approves plans for Marriott Residence Inn |

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Breckenridge Town Council approves plans for Marriott Residence Inn

The shuttered Breckenridge Mountain Lodge on Ridge Street will soon be demolished. In its place will rise a four-story Marriott Residence Inn.

On June 24, Breckenridge Town Council unanimously approved a development plan to transform the lodge into a premium 133-room extended-stay hotel with approximately 1,200 square feet of retail. The site is located on the 600 block of South Ridge Street, near the south end of Main Street.

The town is requiring the developer, Triumph Development, on behalf of Hotel Breck, LLC, to customize the architecture and interior design to fit the historic look and style of Breckenridge. The developer must also promise funds to the town's arts district, landscaping and open space preservation, among a litany of other requirements.

Triumph is based in Vail. Its projects include the Willows at Vail and the national headquarters for Goodwill Industries.

According to several online reviews, the Breckenridge Mountain Lodge will not be missed. While some reviews are positive, others are highly critical of the accommodations.

"This place is a real turd stuck right in the middle of Breckenridge … If you are an underage drinker looking to be close to the party and not planning on getting ANY sleep then by all means, check in. But if you want a nice bed, shower, hot water, clean bathrooms … GO ELSEWHERE," wrote Aaron R. on about his last stay at the former lodge.

The new Marriott will be a major upgrade over the current property, council members said.

However, there were some initial concerns among council members.

Councilman Ben Brewer was worried early on in the project that the developers weren't committed to providing shuttle service for the hotel or to creating a parking management plan for the project.

However, Michael O'Connor with Triumph ensured they were committed to solving those issues.

Additionally, some nearby residents were worried that an expanded hotel at the site might impede some views. Breckenridge Mountain Lodge was two stories tall. The new hotel will stand at four stories.