Summit County approves easements for Whole Foods Market |
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Summit County approves easements for Whole Foods Market

Summit County Commissioners approved the transit center easements agreement for the Whole Foods development project in Frisco on Tuesday.

The easements will provide access and utility services with the adjoining Summit Stage Transfer Center.

"We want to make sure that the east side of the project buildings are attractive from the Transit Center and will be developed in a manner that will facilitate access between the two properties," County Commissioner Thomas Davidson said in a press release.

As part of the agreement, Brynn Grey X, LLC, and Whole Foods project developer David O'Neil will make various improvements to the transfer center site, by providing pedestrian access across the transfer center and making architectural enhancements in an effort to promote transit use.

"This will ensure that the Whole Foods development can proceed without jeopardizing existing transportation uses at the transit center or uses that may be developed in the future," County Commissioner Dan Gibbs said in a press release.