Market Insights: Sold in 67 days |

Market Insights: Sold in 67 days

Daniel Webster Johnson
Special to the Daily

Special to the Daily/Bob BlochThe property pictured was sold recently in Breckenridge in 67 days.

Back in 1977 my older brother introduced me to investing in real estate. I have been at it ever since. Boy, am I lucky I listened to him. This summer we (my wife and I) sold one of the properties purchased over the past 35 years, a house in Breckenridge. It sold in 67 days. It feels like a ton-and-a-half of people have asked me how we did it, so this is the first in a series that provides ‘Daniel’s dozen’ or your step-by-step guideline to getting the highest price the market will bear.

1) Plan ahead

2) Know the market

3) Make the commitment to sell

4) Select your Realtor

5) Work as a team

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5) Prepare your property

6) Explode onto the market

7) Listen, listen, listen

8) Take action

9) Don’t worry, be happy

10) Snag the right buyer

11) Keep every commitment

12) Sign on the dotted line

Every step is essential, personally my favorite is the one I named after Bobby McFerrin’s hit single. Yes, if you follow all the previous steps you can sit on your sofa bellowing “Don’t worry, be happy” to your heart’s content. As a matter of fact, you will deserve it.

These steps require time, effort and participation on your part. Getting the absolute highest price you can is not a spectator sport. There is a common misconception that it’s up to the Realtor; if they do a great job the sale price will be wonderful. It’s my aspiration in the weeks to come to convince you to be involved in the process.

Make sure to read the article next week when I discuss the fundamentals of the process.

Daniel Webster Johnson is very active, fulltime Realtor in Breckenridge who has earned the national Quality Service Certified Platinum award, recognition of 100 percent client satisfaction. His is one of the team at Resort Brokers Real Estate. He loves feedback so call him at (970) 393-3300 or him drop him a line at

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