Mastin: Mastin sets the record straight |

Mastin: Mastin sets the record straight

Kevin Mastin, candidate for county commissioner

In Tuesday’s paper, an article was written about me stating, “Mastin suggests the county could fix the landfill by discontinuing recycling.” I have never suggested anything of the sort, though I have expressed frustration at the lack of progress with the Zero Waste Task Force process.

The paper’s misleading statement was corrected by the editor the following day, but unfortunately for me, damage has already been done to me and my campaign. The story hit the first day mail-in ballots were received by voters. This damaging statement is still on the SDN website – but the correction is not.

It was particularly disappointing for me, in that my wife and I are active supporters of recycling in the county. I have donated countless hours of pro-bono time to both the Summit Recycling Project and High Country Conservation Center and my wife, Amy, is currently a 13-year board member, serving as president of the board of both organizations.

At this critical juncture of the campaign, I feel it is imperative to set the record straight on this important matter.

Thank you for your consideration of my views and, I hope, your vote on Nov. 6!

Kevin Mastin,

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Editor’s Note: The story on the SDN website now includes the clarification.

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