Mastin: Please vote for Mastin |

Mastin: Please vote for Mastin

Kevin M. Mastin

Re: “Summit commissioners endorse Bruce Brown for district attorney,” letters, Oct. 31

Wednesday’s political endorsement by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) for district attorney epitomizes the reason I am running for commissioner. Summit County needs a balance of representation. This monolithic party endorsement favors partisanship over quality governance.

If an individual commissioner has the courage to make an endorsement, she/he should make that as an individual, Summit County voter. A slate of elected officials using their political clout to endorse a same-party candidate reflects a herd mentality, beholden to party over substantive decision making. The BOCC is intended to be a “board” of three individual leaders, not a “slate” of one political party.

Our county needs leadership: independent, non-partisan, business-like leadership. I have been running on a positive, specific platform striving for “balanced representation.” Please vote for me to restore diversity and independence to the Board of County Commissioners.

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