Mathews: Hope Thorsen’s view not shared by majority |

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Mathews: Hope Thorsen’s view not shared by majority

After reading the offensive swill sent in by Nancy Thorsen I would hope that her perception of what are Christian values are not shared by the majority of good Christians. Her interpretation of what Christians stand for is not what I learned while going to church with my family throughout my childhood. Though not a “believer” myself I do not hold any ill will towards people of faith. The radical views of Ms. Thorsen should be renounced by her church which in most cases is.

No one is trying to destroy the institution of marriage. People are trying to have their marriage to be recognized by the state, not God. Yes, if God-created creatures, male with male, female with female want to live their live together in love why say your love somehow matters and theirs does not? No one is asking you to pay for abortions through some kind of “extortion” being that you disagree with the right for women to make their own health decisions. If you don’t want “out of wedlock” births that how would you avoid such situations? Common sense tells me you would want to provide sex education to young adults to avoid bad decisions. The highest out of wedlock births are owed by the states with the least amount of sex education. No birth control? Then how would you be able to reduce out of marriage births? Ridiculous.

The Great Crusades occurred between 1095 and 1291AD. Not last week. This America I see will move onward with or without people who refuse to accept the idea that everyone has a right to exist, find happiness and not be attack for their own way of executing their lives by bigoted zealots. That is Christianity.

Scott C. Mathews, Breckenridge