McGahey: Obama has lied to public for four years |

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McGahey: Obama has lied to public for four years

The Obama camp, including all its lemmings in the liberal press, has proven once again in its post-debate attacks on Romney’s integrity and truthfulness that liberals will always accuse you of what they are guilty of themselves. Since Obama is falsely accusing Romney of lying, then you can be certain that Obama himself has been lying all along.

Obama has lied to the American public for four years because if he had told the truth about the big government socialism he intended to implement, then he would never have been elected. He continues to lie in order to masquerade his true statist intentions. Consider all his groundless attacks and accusations on his opponent and then look at his record for proof that he always tells voters what they want to hear, and then does whatever his central planning ideology dictates.

Psychologists call this mental illness projection. I call it being a crass political liar who has proven he will do or say anything to get re-elected.

Kim McGahey, Breckenridge