McGrew: We haven’t come very far |

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McGrew: We haven’t come very far

I feel compelled to write. The article about the killing of the wolf pack makes me so sad. This is going on in Wyoming and New Mexico and probably all across the West but we just don’t hear about it. We, as a people, have not come very far. As stewards of the Earth, we are doing a horrible job. Certainly there is no learning from the past nor looking at the bigger picture. Ranchers need to account for losses from predators, injury and disease just as other businesses account for loss. It is public lands. All creatures live there. So be it. Get used to it and stop crying wolf! Accept your losses and account for it or move your herd and keep watch over them if you are that concerned. There are some jobs for the cowboys! They can keep wolves away from a herd without killing. Do we not learn anything?

Joanne McGrew, Breckenridge