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Michael Clark trial, Day 3: Clark on interview tape: I don’t know what happened to Mr. Grisham

Update: 4:50 p.m.

Yvonne Woods, a DNA analyst at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, took the stand to answer questions about a DNA test that was run on a jar of Carmex lip balm found outside Marty Grisham’s apartment the day after he was shot.

Woods said while DNA testing was not available in 1994 when the shooting occurred, when the case was reopened Boulder police sent in the jar to be re-examined for DNA. Some DNA was recovered from the inside of the jar.

According to Woods, the sample — while degraded — contained one major male contributor. When the DNA profile found was compared to Clark, it was a partial match, meaning the test theoretically excluded about 99 percent of the population but did not exclude Clark.

The jury was excused for the weekend after Woods was excused.

Update: 3:19 p.m.

After hearing the conclusion of a three-hour interview tape, Michael Clark’s attorneys brought up the fact that while Clark quickly admitted to the check fraud, he maintains he was not involved in the shooting of Marty Grisham throughout the interview.

During the interview, Clark continues to assert his innocence even as the Boulder detectives continue to express disbelief with his story on how he obtained a 9mm gun similar to the one investigators believed was used in the 1994 shooting.

“I’m not going to change my story to make it sound good,” Clark tells the detectives in the tape. “The impression I’m getting from you is I’m the one you want, you’re just waiting for me to crack.”

Detectives also employed several ruses, including telling Clark they could tell what kind of gun he fired based on a gunshot residue test and that they had a shoe impression at the scene.

When questioned by Deputy District Attorney John Kellner as to why detectives were so keen on finding the gun, Cmdr. Kurt Weiler said finding the gun was the key to knowing for sure whether Clark was involved.

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