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Miller: Please vote for Karn

I urge you to vote for Karn Stiegelmeier to keep her on the board of county commissioners. I’m very appreciative of the work Karn has done to protect our water resources. We share a passion for education, and in particular educating our kids and our community about the importance of our watersheds, rivers and water supplies in Summit County. Water law, water agreements, and ongoing water negotiations statewide are extremely complex and critical to our future. Karn has shared her water expertise with students and teachers in water programs, such as H2O Outdoors. Through those interactions it is obvious that Karn understands the importance of building consensus while maintaining ideas which are in the best interest of Summit County residents. Karn understands the ecological and economic importance of our water resources to Summit County. Please vote for Karn to keep her expertise and advocacy working for us in these complicated water matters.

Dave Miller, Frisco