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Minnesota & Zion I tour hits three20south tonight

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Special to the DailyMinnesota, with hip-hop duo Zion I, remixes his 'melodic bass music' at three20south tonight.

Electronic remixes that defy categorization – that’s what Minnesota, of Santa Cruz, Calif., brings to the stage. Combine that with the live hip-hop stylings of Zion I and worlds that were meant to collide, collide. “We offer something different than straight electronic music, which I think is a good method; it’s more of a live experience,” said Minnesota, who is originally from Minnesota. The name stuck when he moved west; his real name is Christian Bauhofer, and he’s an up-and-coming phenom in his own right.His first EP, “Panda Snatching Tycoon,” was released on Tycho Records in 2011 to critical acclaim. His second release, “Ancient Machines,” on Mal Label was number nine on the Addictech best seller’s list for the year, and every track charted on the Beatport glitch hop charts. Recently, his remix of “California Dreamin'” resurfaced and topped the Hype Machine at No. 1. Minnesota has been grouped with Modeselektor, The Glitch Mob, Pretty Lights and MiMOSA. Bassnectar uses his “Push It” track in his sets. Bauhofer describes his sound as “melodic bass music,” noting that it spans several genres. “I make music with a few different tempos,” Bauhofer said. “I try not to stick with one thing. I get a little bored. I definitely try to change it up.” His track, “Float ft. Zion I,” which remixes sounds from the hip-hop artist, debuted online at Vibe Magazine on Oct. 9. It is available for free download on his Facebook page (DJMinnesota). Minnesota is touring his new EP, “Altered States,” due out in November, which features a new version of the track with his tour mate, Zion I. “I’m pretty stoked on all five of the songs,” Bauhofer said of the EP, which will be available as a free download.The tour is going well; fans of Minnesota and Zion I are crossing paths into hip-hop and electronica, respectively, and liking it. Zion I are a hip-hop duo from Oakland, Calif., consisting of producer DJ AmpLive and MC Zumbi. The group has numerous record releases, some featuring prominent artists like Talib Kweli and Del tha Funkee Homosapien. They are known for Zumbi’s conscious lyrics and Amp’s production techniques.Minnesota reports the tour with Zion I to be a learning experience. “AmpLive, producer of Zion I, has a cool setup – a lot of live beats; I’m learning a lot about how to do a better live performance,” he said. “I learned what it takes; you can’t be partying too hard every night.”On what kind of show to expect he said: “Hopefully a really good one. Usually it’s a pretty good party. All the crowds have been super enthused with both sets so hopefully they’re in for a treat.”Minnesota and Zion I hit three20south in Breckenridge at 9 tonight. Tickets are $16. Info: http://www.three20south.com.

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