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Moving forward after ‘Obamacare’ ruling

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled on the Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obamacare”) a Friday night health care panel in Frisco discussion begs the question: “What’s next for health care in Colorado?”

The meeting is designed to promote discussion of the implications of the court’s recent decision regarding the Affordable Care Act and what can be done to constructively move forward with health care in Colorado, according to John Balassa, member of Health Care for All Colorado, which is sponsoring the event. The nonprofit group advocates for a single-payer system in Colorado.

The hope is that people from both sides of the Obamacare fence – those who love it, those who hate it – will attend, listen to the panel speakers and include themselves in a discussion about how best to utilize pieces of the act.

“How can we maximize the aspects that we like and minimize the ones that we don’t like,” Balassa said. “We’re hoping that people who are concerned about it, as well as those who support it, will bring up their questions.”

Panel speakers include Katherine Blair, health policy advisor for Gov. John Hickenlooper; Eric Whitney, health reporter for Colorado Public Radio; and Ken Connell, member of Health Care for All Colorado and Co-operate Colorado, a group working to promote a state health care cooperative.

Blair will speak to the implication of the act in Colorado and how a possible insurance exchange would work. Whitney will also discuss what’s happening in the state, as well as Obamacare in general. Connell will look at proposals from Health Care for All and Co-operate, and make brief comparisons to the Affordable Care Act.

The night’s speakers, and the audience questions after, are meant to promote constructive discussion, Balassa said.

“The idea is we want to move forward as much as possible,” he said.