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Nagel: Support Irvine for HD 61

I write this letter in earnest support of Debra Irvine for Colorado House District 61.

As a small business owner and well-informed American, the number one issue driving all others this election is clearly the economy and jobs. With an economy in freefall and rising unemployment, all other issues are secondary.

Debra’s got my vote because she’s got my back. Debra has been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business, which represents over 250,000 businesses nationwide. Debra won their endorsement because the NFIB members know she’ll be a strong supporter of business by helping create an environment that encourages new business start-ups and existing business growth by championing lower taxes and attracting new businesses to relocate or come home to Colorado. Lower taxes equals more jobs.

Unlike her opponents who both have dismal voting records with the Colorado Union of Taxpayers – Hamner at 4.17 percent approval rating and Curry at 13 percent – Debra will work hard for not only small business owners but all Coloradans to keep more of our hard-earned money in our own pockets and keep the pilfering, greedy claws of government out!

Although her opponent, independent Democrat Kathleen Curry, claims to be fiscally conservative, she actually voted in favor of the Colorado Dirty Dozen tax bills, two of which were later repealed by the state Legislature and one was ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado.

Additionally, Debra is a proponent of quality education meaning that which is measured by real results – the successes and accomplishments of students – not by how much is funneled into the system. She believes that it is critical to get back to the basics and offer strong core subjects and hold our children to tighter standards rather than pass the buck, promote failing students and produce high school graduates who must take remedial education alongside their freshmen college courses. The system is failing our students. Do we continue pouring money into a failing enterprise or do we look to results-driven change? Remember the definition of insanity? It is our responsibility as parents, as educators and as communities to offer our children only the best and encourage the challenge.

However, Debra’s incumbent opponent, while admitting that the state of education is “dismal,” is calling for the state to invest more into education which translates into squeezing more money from us – always the ‘go to’ taxpayer. One only has to look to states that spend the most on education and have the worst results: New York, New Jersey and even Washington, D.C., to understand that more money does not promise better results.

I would question what Representative Hamner hopes to accomplish in a second term that she has not during her decades in the educational system. Why did Summit County parents create the private Peak School in Breckenridge during her tenure as Summit County superintendent? Why were they not satisfied? If that is not a referendum on the state of education while she was at the helm, what is?