Nelson: Not so fast on how you’re defining ‘assault’ rifle |

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Nelson: Not so fast on how you’re defining ‘assault’ rifle

Something about Lazarus’ letter struck me as odd. The opening line is “man the barricades shouted the students in the movie hit, Les Mis. Unfortunately their muskets fired only a single shot before reloading. Most of the students died.” Well I bet the students would have liked to have had a repeating rifle at that time. Multiple rounds can stop multiple attackers. Now I ask what is an assault weapon? Does Washington even have a definition? Many Americans have forgot that a single-shot firearm was an assault weapon in the Civil War. It was used to assault the enemy. Later in history, repeating rifles were used against the Native Americans, then semi-auto used in Korea and finally fully auto used in Vietnam. What is the one thing in common on these firearms – all can be considered assault weapons. That is exactly what the Democrats in Washington are targeting – all firearms owned by Americans. For this reason, I am not willing to trust the elected politicians with a so-called assault weapons ban.

Todd Nelson, Silverthorne