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Nelson: When the wild pigs charge

Vincent Capozella says he would happily defend his home from an intruder with a hand gun. What I did not read was if the hand gun was a revolver or pistol. I expect if he was in federal law enforcement for 12 years that he may have carried a pistol. How many rounds would that pistol hold? Would the 10-plus clips be turned in to Summit County Sheriff’s Office or be kept by Capozzella? What would be done if there were multiple intruders? Do you have a speed loader or multiple 10-round clips? There was the statement “assault weapons and large clips are for killing people, not defending your home or hunting” a so-called assault weapon with a large clip can be used to defend your home and or hunting. Have you ever hunted feral pigs in Texas? Pigs are mean and will attack. Multiple shot are a welcome thing when wild pigs are coming after you. Clips are made to hold multiple rounds of ammunition nothing more nothing less, it is up to a human being to decide what he or she is going to do with that firearm. I am truly amazed how we Americans are willing to give up our freedom and let a few government officials and special interest groups dictate to us what we can and can not do. I do agree with Capozzella that an American citizen who is of sound mind should be able to open carry any firearm of there choice. As for as the NRA supporters, well I guess I am one of the 10 percenters not to be confused with the 1 percenters.

Todd Nelson, Kremmling