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Nichols: A letter to the president

Dear Mr. President,

Please do not leave us. Please do not go to Myanmar just yet. We desperately need you at home. After the election, I hung on to a sliver of hope that with no need to campaign in your 2nd term, you would be free to create your legacy for the history books by saving and unifying America. It is in your hands, Mr. President, to bring the American people together and to give us optimism for the future of our Country. Instead of Myanmar Mr. President, please take a trip to the East Coast. Talk to those that are living in tents, homeless, those without food, water, clothing and heat. Please look them in the eyes and give them hope for their future. Then, please Mr. President, go to Washington, roll up your sleeves, call in both sides and be insistent on compromise for our future. You are the leader. You have the power. The American people need you at home. It is in your hands on how history will be written.

Jan Nichols, Breckenridge