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Norton: Conservative morals against progressive morals

Re: “Moral soul of country is important,” by Billeaud, letters, Oct. 20

It is obvious that this country is pretty much split down the middle on most issues, economy, foreign policy, abortion, immigration, etc. Mr. Billeaud makes an accretion that my vote for Willard Mitt Romney is a vote for “thuggery, racism, hatred, intimidation and suppression and is a vote for the end of the United States of America.” He says there are well documented activities to support his theory, yet gives no examples or facts of what these activities are? It amazes me how people can look at the same thing and have such a massive difference of opinion! I pretty much believe the same as Mr. Billeaud, except toward Barack Hussein Obama! Your letter is apparently about the lack of morals that I and Mr. Romney hold? Webster’s definition of moral. (Of-Or concerned with the judgment of the goodness or badness of human action and character pertaining to the discernment of good and evil) People (especially politicians) can spin pretty much anything to favor their ideology, Morals however I believe are a little harder to spin! Let me list what I believe are some stark moral differences between your forward-progressive ideology and my conservative ideology. Mr. Obama and apparently you Mr. Billeaud believe abortion (any abortion should be OK. Including driving a tube into a full term babies skull and removing the brain, (called partial birth abortion! Moral? Or if you just don’t like the sex of the baby, Kill it. Forcing the church to go against its moral beliefs and supply contraception and abortion pills. Mr. Obama claims to be a Christian yet is the only president to cancel the national day of prayer since its inception and fully supports the ACLU in its agenda to eliminate God from America’s moral fabric. Remember Mr. Obama announcing that America is no longer a Christian nation? A highly moral issue with 80+ percent of this country! I see how immigration can be easily interpreted, if your Moral compass says any one should be able to enter the U.S.. No fences, no borders, no regulations, then that is your moral belief. I, as does Mr. Romney, believe we are a country of laws and those wanting to enter this country should EARN the right to do so!

I do believe the system needs to be addressed to make it less difficult and more timely. Mr. Obama believes in the former, though I believe for sinister reasons. I believe he is the only president that has sued and is suing states for trying to stop (illegal) immigration. Is he doing so for moral reasons or to gain a voting block? You decide, I have. I believe Mr. Obama and apparently you Mr. Billeaud have a total disregard for the constitution because it gets in the way of your forward, progressive agenda. I will not or do not claim to be the best Christian or the standard of highest moral values, but do not tell me my values and Morals I believe in will be the destruction of the United States before you can support yours. I suppose you can try to spin morality to fit your beliefs just like anything else, and I will make the same claim as you Mr. Billeaud. I believe, Mr. Obama’s forward, progressive agenda if not stopped, (will mean) the moral destruction of the United States of America and I will put my conservative morals against your forward, progressive morals any time.