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Not Just Blowing Smoke

This progressive Slovenian producer may smoke a lot of weed, but you don’t have to be stoned to appreciate his high-energy sound, rich with elements of funk, soul, electro, hip-hop and jazz.

While he cites “Godfather of Soul” James Brown as a major influence, Gramatik says lately, he’s discovering inspiration more in pop culture and people than in music, namely Jon Stewart and “The Daily Show.”

While his roots lie in hip-hop, Gramatik’s signature style can be found on the album he’s most proud of: last year’s “No Shortcuts.”

“It combines all of the styles that I really like and love listening to on a daily basis,” he explains. In the album he has in the works right now, “Never Been the Silent Type,” he attempts to take this sound further combining electro, glitch hop, funk, soul, even classical. “Everything that I feel, I want to incorporate in my music.”

You can catch Gramatik in action along with Michal Menert, Paul Basic and SuperVision on the first official Pretty Lights Music Tour, coming this way next week. He says of the tour so far, “It’s been awesome, actually. We’ve been packing in shows every night.” For his live set-up, Gramatik uses his APC40 Controller to rearrange album tracks with percussion loops, vocal samples and beat repeating while Alex adds live guitar. Co-headlining with Michal Menert, they perform back-to-back 30-minute sets, two each, followed by 30 minutes together as an encore.

For this tour, Gramatik is performing two tracks from his yet-to-be released new album. “You can’t hear them anywhere. You can only hear them live if you go to my show right now.”

Gramatik says he’s looking forward to being back in Colorado where he always gets such great energy from his fans. The PLM fall tour saves the best for last with a show at Agave in Vail Saturday and in Breckenridge at three20south Sunday.

Shows are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Tickets for three20south are available at Space Cowboy, Afforadable Music and

Lindsey Grossman works for Rocky Mountain Entertainment, the promoter of this show.