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Open mic with Moose Mondays at Motherloaded

Moose Bednarski (yes that’s his real name) hosts open mic Mondays at Motherloaded in Breckenridge. Here’s what the funny guy had to say on the subject:


As often as the girls will let me.

I host an open mic on Monday nights, so that means every type of music imaginable … some beyond imagination! We’ve had chanters, yodelers, didgeridooers, award-winning singer-songwriters, five piece bands and vacationers from all over the world.

Hmm … maybe a big Key lime pie, ’cause it’s tangy, sweet and tasty and not too bad for ya!

Because I’m big, furry and friendly.

Different styles and lots of new tunes. We encourage our open mic-ers to try out their originals as well. And I bathe quite often. As least once a week!

Our bluegrass band used to play weekly shows in Fairplay and there was a 5-foot-tall, 70-year-old retired miner who would have a beverage or two then find the same woman to dance with every week. She was about 6 feet tall and always wore a large Western style hoop skirt. They’d be two-stepping all over the floor and then he’d disappear under her hoop skirt with his arms out at her side, still dancing like crazy. We called that move the ‘covered wagon!’