Pacot: Romney will honor our laws, Constitution and life |

Pacot: Romney will honor our laws, Constitution and life

Guy Pacot

The last month has been very telling about the Obama administration. Ridiculous assertions that the tragedy in Benghazi was a spontaneous act caused by a video was not only disingenuous but being used to cover the truth that the Benghazi mission had made several requests for increased security that were all turned down by Obama officials. Hilary Clinton issued a letter stating not to rush to conclusions until they were able to investigate this matter, coincidentally that investigation won’t happen until sometime in November after the election.

Just last week we had the Obama administration give “guidance” to defense contractors that they did not have to obey federal labor law requirements for a 60-day notice in references to layoffs that would occur as a result of sequestration.

Then, to add insult to injury, the Obama administration offers to buy off those same contractors telling them they would pay any legal fees incurred with those hundreds of thousands of laid-off workers that should have been laid off.

This was initially reported as severance assistance, but has been reported now as legal assistance.

So yet again we have the president and his administration ignoring federal law and the Constitution (Obama has no power to offer these funds) for their collective political gain.

Just this week we saw a video of the Obama giving his best Hawaiian/Chicago contrived southern accent at a Black church during his campaign in 2007 in which when he goes off script revealed the influence from his mentors Franklin Davis (U.S. Communist Party member), Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky. He drove a wedge of fear and hate into the hearts of that audience. You can see the entire 40-minute unedited speech at the Uniter? No. Divider? Absolutely and along every line you can imagine.

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Income inequality is worse under this president not better. Record levels of people on food stamps and government programs. Forty-five months of record unemployment along with unparalleled debt, deficit, spending, borrowing, and printing of money. This president’s attempts have not made the economy better but worse and have stalled a recovery that now teeters on becoming a full-blown recession again.

Barack Obama warned us in his acceptance speech that he was going to fundamentally transform America and he’s doing it, but not for the better. If we give him four more years we may no longer recognize the Republic that hundreds of thousands have died for to protect and preserve.

Don’t let the president and progressive left run from their record and as Morgan Liddick mentioned in his column this week distract you with fear, hate, and falsehoods. Vote for prosperity. Vote for personal and fiscal responsibility. Vote for freedom and liberty. Vote for the sanctity of human life. This Nov. 6 vote for Mitt Romney and conservative candidates that will honor our laws, our Constitution and life.

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