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Pacot: Vote for Romney

Guy Pacot, Frisco

President Obama told KUSA’s Kyle Clark on Saturday that “The election has nothing to do with four brave Americans getting killed and us wanting to find out exactly what happened,” however most Americans would disagree. Obama continued to dodge Clark’s questions about Benghazi. In comparison we bombed Afghanistan less than a month after 9/11/2001. Here we are six weeks after and we still don’t have enough information about Benghazi? Sorry Mr. “Transparency” but Americans aren’t buying that story.

We know now that the Obama administration was watching real-time in the situation room and either they were gravely incompetent or purposefully indifferent to the multiple requests before and repeated cries for help during the 7-hour firefight. The lies put forth by the Obama administration for nearly two weeks that this was due to a video and a resultant impromptu protest are detestable and criminal.

This president has created fewer jobs than any other president in modern history. Unemployment is only under eight percent because of the millions of people that have stopped looking for work. This president and his vacuum-of-academia economic cabinet that has the least amount of private sector experience of any presidential administration in the last sixty years has had their chance at progressive Keynesian economics that has done nothing but stall the economic recovery and lengthen the financial suffering of Americans.

President Obama and the progressive left spent their two-year lock on D.C. passing Obamacare which has caused insurance premiums to dramatically rise, more doctors to leave the workforce, and the actual price tag for Obamacare to triple from its original estimate of $900 billion.

Obama and the Democratic-controlled congress then also tried to pass Cap and Trade energy legislation which Obama admitted would necessarily skyrocket the cost of electricity. Add that to his de facto cap and trade via new EPA regulations and you have a climate for energy that is unfriendly to anything but Obama’s crony green energy companies with donors and bundlers as CEOs or board members that have failed and taken billions of our tax dollars with them.

It’s time to remove the President and the rest of the progressive left from their control of the U.S. Senate before they bankrupt this country, turn us from a working country to a welfare state, continue their war on religious freedom, further divide the country with class warfare, and turn a once proud shining city on a hill to a dim third-world shadow of its former self.

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Vote for Mitt Romney, Kevin Lundberg (CD2 Rep.), Randy Baumgardner (SD8), Debra Irvine (HD61), Scott Turner (DA), and Kevin Mastin (Commissioner) this Tuesday. You’ll be voting for real private sector jobs, a strong economy, a successful America, a vibrant Colorado and a strong Summit County.

Guy Pacot, Frisco

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