Painters Tracy and Sushe Felix exhibit at Art on a Whim this weekend |

Painters Tracy and Sushe Felix exhibit at Art on a Whim this weekend

Brian Raitman
Special to the Daily

Special to the DailyTracy and Sushe Felix exhibit at Art on a Whim gallery in Breckenridge this weekend. Pictured are "Moon Over Breckenridge" by Tracy and "Moonlit Canyon" by Sushe.

Painters Tracy and Sushe Felix have been fixtures in the Colorado art scene for nearly three decades. The husband and wife duo has seen their work represented in some of Colorado’s most prominent art collections, most notably the Denver Art Museum, for a multitude of reasons. Their work captures the essence of Colorado’s mountainous landscape through vivid color, impeccable attention to detail and imaginations that spark a collection of work that speaks both to the beauty of their subjects and the history of art in Colorado.

In Tracy Felix’s highly stylized landscapes, tiny, perfect brushstrokes highlight all of the High Country’s finest features. Felix’s use of brilliant color is rare. His colors come from layers of oils mixed and blended together to create combinations of picture perfect blue skies, stark white snowfields, deep forest greens and barren cliff sides. His shading on mountain cirques and the undersides of his imaginative clouds is magnificent. Just as striking as the precision in Felix’ paintings is the fact that the clouds he paints form marshmallows, ribbons, hands and more. This funky take on the mountain skies adds a distinct, fun dimension to his paintings.

Sushe Felix’s work is grounded in the Transcendentalist Movement that arose in the American West in the 1930s. Characterized by soft, yet strong color, repeating shapes and the juxtaposition of straight and circular patterns, Felix’s paintings present nature’s innocence and offer a message of peace and relaxation. While much of the work is abstract, each painting represents the beauty found in the natural world. Combinations of acrylic paints and various collage materials allow Felix’s understanding of composition and creating light to shine. The use of distinct geometric shapes and highly contrasting colors make Felix’s paintings feel much like a beautiful dream. Her subjects range from imagined landscapes to playful birds.

Today and Saturday the painters are making an appearance at the Art on a Whim gallery in Breckenridge, 100 N. Main St. They will be in the gallery meeting visitors and explaining their techniques, as well as providing an insight into the history of art in Colorado. For more information visit or call (970) 547-8399.

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