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Parker: Enjoyed adaptive snowboarding article

I read the Summit Daily either online or as I walk around the lake behind Mountain House in Keystone as I walk my lab. I am always amused by the letters to the editor who try and convince all who read them that their political ideals are right for everyone and the other side are complete idiots. I thank the Daily for sharing both sides even if no one will be converted by these letters. Occasionally, I find an article that after reading it I say wow was that was great. Such an article was the one in Saturday’s paper about Amy Purdy and Daniel Gale and her striving to become a snowboarder after losing both legs to septic shock and founding a nonproft called Adaptive Action Sports. What an inspiring story. Please follow up on them with their quest to win “The Amazing Race.”

This led me to ask you all to look for more amazing people on Summit County and perhaps on a monthly basis do an article on them, their inspiration and goals. Perhaps you could also cover some of the many conventions that occur at the Keystone Convention Center. For instance, last week was the Tattoo Artist of the World where I me some very interesting folks, followed by Norwegian’s science convention. We all love the diversity up here and would like to see some insights into the attendees. Perhaps you could interview some of the attendees who come from all over the world every week to our beautiful county.

Steven Parker, Keystone