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Parker: Help me define radical

In Sunday’s paper there was a letter referring the radical left. This got me to asking myself what exactly is the radical left and right. We throw those terms out to emphasize a point but can we really define what is radical? As a Democrat I listen to what the Republicans say and feel I can easily define what is radical from their statements. Of course this does not necessarily represent the main-stream Republicans. Here is what I see as radical right: no taxes of any kind, forced rape does not produce pregnancy, eliminate all social programs, belief in creationism, signing a pledge to never pass a tax bill, allowing guns for everyone and at any event, shooting a Obama campaign office, etc. All these are actual issues raised by Republican candidates or incumbents. I would really like to know what the right sees as a radical Democratic idea. Not just a statement like socialism but an actual proposal made be a Democrat. We might not agree with the right but we don’t yell racial epithets, shoot out windows or say we want to set up a separate country like Texas did.

Steven Parker, Keystone