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Parsons: Support Stiegelmeier for second term

I write to urge fellow voters to join me in supporting Karn Stiegelmeier for a well-deserved second term as Summit County commissioner.

In examining her performance over the past four years, one cannot but be impressed with the skill she has exhibited in safeguarding our quality of life as well as in maintaining the level of services we’ve come to expect from county government, even in the face of significant revenue declines.

Karn and her fellow commissioners have overseen growth in county financial reserves while initiating much-needed services for the benefit of their constituents. Since our tourism-based economy depends on the preservation of our beautiful mountain environment, the commissioners’ efforts with various partners, including the U.S. Forest Service, various non profits and commercial interests, and other governmental agencies, have preserved our most valuable environmental resources during the economic downturn. Karn’s business experience as co-owner of a successful local enterprise has served her well in seeking financial stability for the county, knowing that this creates the optimal circumstance for business initiation and growth.

Karn’s track record is enviable. You don’t replace a member of the team who has served our community well. She deserves our support and vote.

Don Parsons, MD, Dillon