Pets available for adoption in Summit County |

Pets available for adoption in Summit County

Summit Daily/Mark Fox

Meli – 4-year-old domestic medium-hair,

tortie female

Florence – 1-year/4-month-old

domestic short-hair, black female

Jude – 2-year-old domestic short-hair,

black-and-white male

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Max – 4-year-old domestic short-hair,

black male

BENNIE – 2-year-old domestic short-hair

mix, black male

BONZAI – 2-year-old Egyptian Mau, gray

tab-and-orange female

CLYDE – 3-year-old Korat mix, gray male

cassie – 4-year-old domestic medium

hair, orange-and-white female

Tora – 4-year-old domestic short-hair,

black female

Snuggles – 5-year-old domestic long-

hair mix, tortie female

Tully – 11-month-old border collie mix,

black-and-white male

Dixie – 1-year-old pointer mix, white-and-

red female

Onyx – 3-year-old pit bull, blue female

Blanca – 2-year-old lab/American

bulldog mix, white-and-brown female

Buella – 2-year-old Australian cattle dog mix, red merle female

Hermione – 1-year/3-month-old

Australian cattle dog mix, black-and-gray


Harvey – 3-year-old pit bull, tan-and-

white male

MERCEDES, 7-year-old Rottweiler, black and tan, spayed female

RAZZLE – 11-month-old border collie, black and white, neutered male

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