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Pets available for adoption in Summit County

Roy – 5-year-old domestic short-hair mix, orange tabby-and-white maleCynthia – 2-year-old domestic short-hair mix, dil calico femaleTraffic – 7-year-old domestic short-hair mix, black maleHalloween – 10-year-old domestic short-hair mix, brown tabby-and-orange femaleCharlie – 3-year-old domestic long-hair mix, orange tabby maleRain – 5-year-old domestic medium-hair mix, gray maleJude – 2-year-old domestic short-hair mix, black-and-white maleMax – 4-year-old domestic short-hair mix, black maleGypsy Kitty – 1-year/1-month-old domestic long-hair mix, gray tiger and brown tiger femaleSapphire – 4-year-old domestic short-hair mix, black femaleRoxy – 4-year-old domestic short-hair mix, black femaleChloe – 2-year-old Siamese seal point femaleTora – 4-year-old domestic short-hair mix, black femaleClark – 1-year/6-month-old domestic short-hair mix, gray tab male

Dixie – 1-year/5-month-old pointer mix, white-and-red femaleSunny – 2-year-old Chihuahua smooth-coated mix, tan-and-white femaleDuchess – 7-year-old miniature Pinscher mix, black bicolor-and-tan femaleBlanca – 2-year-old lab/American bulldog mix, white-and-brown femaleHector – 1-year-old Pharaoh Hound/pit bull mix, black-and-white maleAlexandra – 3-year-old pit bull/Pharaoh Hound mix, brown-and-white femaleDozer – 1-year/3-month-old pit bull mix, white maleDudley J – 3-year-old beagle tricolor male

Pet Photos with Santa & Grinch is set for Saturday at the Frisco Historical Park Chapel from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can dress up the family and four-leggers in your own unique style or use some of our festive wear and choose with or without Santa & Grinch for the best holiday cards you’ve ever sent. Photos will be taken outside in a bright red decorated sleigh (reindeers not included) with Frisco’s historical buildings as a backdrop or you can choose to have your photos taken inside the decorated historic chapel. You will be able to pick up your photos the next week at Frisco’s Welcome Center. Sitting fees are LAPS members $22, non-members $24 with second pet half-price, third pet free. No pets? You can choose to have a professional family portrait taken with no pets for the same low price. Emily Schmutz of Keeping Composure Photography will give you 3-5 beautiful hard copies and you can buy a CD for $10 extra if you want to print your own photos and holiday cards or have Schmutz create your one-of-a-kind cards.