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Philippe: Kudos to the Frisco Bay Marina staff!

As one of the very few to have owned and operated a boat on the lake since day one (50 years?) I have seen it all and experienced most. This was a difficult year but still enjoyable thanks to the expert operation of the Frisco Bay Marina. The staff there never faltered and performed with great professionalism and extreme courtesy to locals and visitors alike.

Unable to thank each of those guys and gals personally, I would like to invite each marina employee to stop by Prost at 313 Main St. for a complementary full liter of great German beer.

Also … thumbs up to the sheriff’s lake patrol and the Dillon Marina for a job well done. Thumbs down to the Dillon Dam rent-a-cop who yelled at me for fishing too close to the dam. Get real man; you can’t blow up the dam with a 1/4 oz. Kastmaster lire. Still, have a cold liter on me; maybe it will help you chill out! Here is to more water next year,

Rob Philippe,

President, Frisco Bay Yacht Club