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"Pirates of the Fourth Grade" opens at Backstage Theatre in Breckenridge

Summit Daily/Mark FoxActors from left, Chris Boeckx, Seth Maisel and Chris Willard rehearse for the new comedy 'Pirates of the Fourth Grade' at the Backstage Theatre on Ridge Street in Breckenridge.

The award-winning Backstage Children’s Theatre will premiere “Pirates of the Fourth Grade” today at Breckenridge’s Backstage Theatre.

Written by Christopher Willard, Backstage Theatre artistic director, “Pirates of the Fourth Grade” is a “big-budget Hollywood movie onstage,” Willard said. The show uses imaginative projections, clever sound effects and suitably spooky supporting movie music.

The show is rated G but recommended for children ages 6 and up because of some intense and spooky scenes. Please note that the show contains strobe lighting, loud noises and fog effects.

In the production, fourth graders Sam and Cameron dig up a pirate’s treasure chest and take it to the local museum in search of answers. However, they accidentally open a container in the chest, releasing the long-dormant spirit of dreaded pirate Blackheart, best known as “The Phantom Pirate.”

Blackheart takes over the local elementary school, transforming the teachers and staff into his pirate crew as he searches for the elements of a spell that will not only give him new life – but also immortality. Now Sam, Cameron, Hannah (Sam’s motor-mouth little sister) and Heathcliff the class hamster must do battle with the pirates to stop Blackheart’s evil plan.

“Pirates of the Fourth Grade” stars Chris Boeckx (Denver Post Ovation winner for Best Children’s Theatre Actor) as Cameron Jones and Seth Maisel (Backstage’s “The Hobbit”) as Sam Buchinski. Jon Hans (“The Music Man,” “The Wedding Eve”) portrays the evil pirate Blackheart.

The show premieres today at 10 a.m., with another performance at 1 p.m. “Pirates of the Fourth Grade” continues throughout July with a number of performance and showtimes.

For a full list of dates and times, visit http://www.backstagetheatre.org. Tickets are $11 online and $13 by phone or at the box office. To order by phone call (970) 453-0199.

What: Backstage Children’s Theatre “Pirates of the Fourth Grade”

When: Today, 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Where: Backstage Theatre, Breck

Details: Tickets $11 online (www.backstagetheatre.org) and $13 by phone or at the box office. To order by phone, call (970) 453-0199.