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Portnoy: SDN too good for Thorsen rant

Bob Portnoy

Re: “You ballot if no secret to God,” by Nancy Thorsen, letters, Oct. 27

I hate to respond to such hate-filled dribble, but Nancy Thorsen’s letter telling Christians that if they don’t vote her way (and the way of right-wing Christian idealogues) that they are not good Christians is the kind of reprehensible and intolerant rant that The Summit Daily should not even print. Unless this paper is only used for wrapping fish or to line the litter box, that is. And those of us who are of other faiths, well, you might as well just slapped us. Your newspaper is too good for that, and your readers are above such filth. Her letter reminds me of what Gandhi once said, when asked by a reporter how he felt about Jesus and Christians, he said, “I like your Christ, I do not not like your Christians; they are so unlike your Christ.”

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