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Q and A with Rollinsville’s Malai Llama

Band name: Malai Llama

Where does the name of your band come from? Our band name is a reflection of the advances we have made since originally forming Bob Molly.

Your home base: Rollinsville, CO

Date playing in Summit County: Tonight (Friday, May 4)

Location playing in Summit County: Alma’s Only Bar

What type of music do you play? Fusion / Hip Hop

If your band were a dog, what breed would it be, and why? A Saint Bernard, because we’re larger than life.

If you had to compare yourself to another band, who would it be? We are very diverse and hard to compare to another band; if we had to though, Sound Tribe, because their music also reflects influences from Hip Hop to Jazz.

What sets your band apart? We have such a wide range of influences from Hip Hop to Jazz and our music reflects that. Our music is a conglomeration of everything from 30’s music up to the most modern electronica.

What’s been your craziest experience on the road? On tour with Bone Thugz N Harmony in Texas our van overheated the entire way home, it was over 100 degrees out and it took us an extra 12 hours to get back, that was the last time that Llama bus was ever used!

Is your music geared toward mosh pits or foot tapping? Neither, our music is geared towards getting people sweaty on the dance floor.