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Robson: A maximum sentence is necessary

On Nov. 15 there will be a sentencing for the murder of my friend Karl Kohler. It was a particularly brutal crime, a beating that finally resulted it a death blow. It was not a fight, that in the moment, a mistake made and a life lost. This was a continual, prolonged beating. It’s purpose, to end the life of Karl.

It is imperative that the people of Summit County not let this death go unpunished. The deal that was made for the confession left some leeway for the judge. The maximum sentence that can be given, must be given, to the murderer, Gregory Scott Gavin.

I miss Karl: The rose bush he planted for me by the back door. The amethysts he collected for me on his gem hunts when he realized it was my birthstone. The flamboyant scarf in reds and purples and black that he knit for me. The crystal and wire trees he made me. He didn’t have a lot, but he still gave a lot. But it is not just the things that remind me of him, it is that I miss his friendship because I knew he would always be there for me and I for him.

“And we all had one hope

There was someone lookin’ down

When we return our bodies to each other

And the ground”

Robin Robson, Dillon