School District sees growth in middle school |

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School District sees growth in middle school

When it comes to The Peak School’s impact on Summit School District, this year, it’s not much. Nineteen students who attended Summit schools last year are transferring over to Peak for its inaugural year. And while that equals a $128,136 impact to the district’s funding from the state – Colorado funds SSD $6,744 per student – this coming school year, there’s more than enough students to make up for it, according to superintendent Heidi Pace. “Since enrollment is anticipated to be the same in the district, there is no loss of funding from the state,” she said. In fact, throughout Summit Middle School, there’s a total of 38 extra students compared to last year. Because of that, the district hired 11 new employees at the middle school this year. Five were hired due to growth in the sixth grade – this year, the class has 250 students, compared to 215 from 2011-12 – and two for dual-language instruction, Pace said.