Shanghai Yohe plays Vinny’s in Frisco tonight |

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Shanghai Yohe plays Vinny’s in Frisco tonight

Special to the DailyLocals Clinton Hall and Bob Yohe play volume conscious "acoustic electric Americana" you can listen to while still holding a conversation.

Shanghai Yohe, featuring Bob Yohe and Clinton Hall, plays Vinny’s Euro-American Restaurant, 310 Main St. Frisco, tonight.

The duo brings “acoustic electric Americana” to the stage, including a diverse selection of movie soundtracks, traditional music, jazz and bluegrass.

“Shanghai Yohe sounds like a full band but is volume conscious and strives to create an atmosphere where people can enjoy great music without yelling to one another,” said Hall, who, like Yohe, works as a carpenter and tradesman in Summit County. The two met on a jobsite in 2007 and have been playing music together since.

“The goal of Shanghai Yohe music is to make new friends through music and bring a sense of nostalgia to our performances,” Hall said. Shanghai Yohe is a “working man’s band” that “tips its hat to hard workers and the honor of a hard day’s work.”

“You can expect to hear great music from several genres and not a lot of ‘hogwash,'” said Hall. “Shanghai Yohe is a couple of down-to-earth people playing great music for the love of music and the love of performing.”

After tonight’s performance, the band plays Vinny’s again on Sept. 2. Info: (970) 668-0340.