Siegfried: Hiker setting the record straight |

Siegfried: Hiker setting the record straight

Dianne Siegfried

Re: “Hunting, a Colorado tradition,” by Leo Causland, letters, Oct. 25

In regards to Mr. Causland’s letter in the October 25th edition of the Summit Daily, I would like to set the record straight as briefly as I can.

First of all, I am not against hunting at all. I actually come from a family of hunters and all though I don’t shoot a gun or arrow, I am known to pull in a fish or two on occasion. Secondly, I do stop and say hello to everyone I meet on the trail, sometimes chatting for quite awhile. Thirdly, it was pure coincidence the letter appeared in the same edition as Shannon’s article “Hug a Hunter.” I actually had to chuckle at that myself. Finally, I will hug a hunter, heck, I’ll even share a beer with them!

As my former letter stated, I am not and never will be opposed to hunting. I understand it has its benefits. I understand it is a sport. I do not think I need to explain why the letter was composed. That was evident.

Thank you for your telling your side, Leo. That’s what this column and this country is all about, Freedom of Speech! Happy hunting!

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