Siegfried: Hope hunter enjoys his ‘catch’ |

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Siegfried: Hope hunter enjoys his ‘catch’

Some of you may have read a letter I submitted recently about the bow hunter and the long, established male moose that had been making Wildernest and its surrounding forest his home for many years. It is with a heavy heart to have to report that the hunter did claimed his prize, as of last Tuesday. Not with the bow, but with eight shots to the chest and heart. A local jogger I spoke to today on the trail, was witness to the field dressing of the bull and claimed the hunter could not have been more proud of his “catch.” I use the word “catch” facetiously, simply because hunting this particular area is the equivalent to throwing your rod in at the roadside tourist fishery while driving up to Mount Evans. No big challenge there and not a whole lot to be proud of, unless of course, you’re under the age of 10. Congratulations, dear hunter, on claiming your “prize.” You may have made yourself happy, but in turn you’ve made many others very sad.

I’m not against hunting. I realize the need of keeping certain species under control, I just wish this particular moose could have been spared.