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Siegfried: Hoping hunter finds another area

My husband and I recently moved to the Wildernest area from Denver. We have loved Summit County for many years and are thrilled to finally be able to call this our home. We are fortunate to have the beauty of a national forest with a multitude of hiking trails to enjoy at our doorstep, which we enjoy on a daily basis. On a recent hike, I came upon a gentleman with a bow and arrow. I was shocked to discover he was hunting one of the staples of this forest, the old, big male moose. The same one who has a “family” of his own that evidently has been what the longtime residents call the “family pets.” The hunter is not hunting for meat or survival, he is hunting simply for the prize of the “rack” which is quite expansive. Every neighbor I have spoken to is quite upset. I know many have been watching this moose for years and find this very disheartening. I do realize moose can be very dangerous and we need to respect that we are in their territory. What I find even more dangerous than the moose, is the fact that these trails are very well-traveled by the “humans” that utilize them, obviously at the same time as the hunter. I did place a call to the National Forestry and was told that if he has a tag there is nothing that can be done. If we can’t do anything legally, I’m hoping the hunter will read this and find another area to find his “prize.” Sincerely,

Dianne Siegfried, Silverthorne