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Silverthorne Elementary says thanks

On Oct. 26, Silverthorne Elementary’s first grade had the opportunity to use and visit some of our neighborhood’s goods and services as we learn about economics and market places. We would wholeheartedly like to thank the Summit Stage for accommodating almost 50 children and adults, and making our travels very enjoyable. The staff at the Dillon Ridge City Market went beyond the call of duty in giving us a tour of the behind-the-scene happenings at their store. Many thanks to managers Doug Richards, Jim Berhost and especially Dan Radowski who enthralled 6 year olds with the operations of grocery stores and their many departments. We would also like to thank Miriam Newell Chadwell and the staff of Wells Fargo bank who helped us learn about money, savings and how banks help our community. Thank you all for being so supportive of our youth. Sincerely,