SHS Sports Preview: 2011’s losing record won’t haunt Summit girls’ basketball |

SHS Sports Preview: 2011’s losing record won’t haunt Summit girls’ basketball

Janice Kurbjun

Summit Daily/Mark Fox

If the Summit girls’ basketball team can see consistency in coaching, it has the potential to grow into a winning team, this year’s head coach Dylan Hollingsworth said.

Hollingsworth, who coached from 2006-2008, is one of six coaches the team has had in the last decade.

“Just finding the consistency is going to be important,” said Hollingsworth, who joins forces with former college coach Sara Mortensen and junior varsity coach Colton St. Peter, who has rapport with many of the girls from the rugby season, to lead the team this winter.

“No. 1, (we want them to ) know they’re wanted,” he said. “No. 2, we can start building on the fundamentals.”

In the meantime, Hollingsworth is just looking to get the girls to have fun.

And so far, they are.

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Senior Alex Benes said, as the sole senior, she is just looking forward to enjoying her last season. And junior Kayce Chaparas said so far, the team has been enjoying building teamwork as they’re simply enjoying the court together.

Chaparas’ main goal is to grow the team’s unity, bringing her experiences with the rugby team to the paint.

Hollingsworth does have a few goals, though. Like playing fundamentally sound basketball offensively and defensively. In a recent scrimmage against West Grand High School, the team looked fractured until Hollingsworth gathered them in a huddle. After a few words, the girls were playing the court better.

Entering the Western Slope League should be a boost to the team, though Hollingsworth doesn’t discount his team’s new opponents. He wants to take the season one game at a time, and use the schedule to measure success.

“We’ll measure our growth by the first and second time we play these teams,” the coach said.

He’s hopeful that through a fun season, numbers will stay strong and underclassmen will continue to develop skills. With 13 freshman and 10 sophomores on the team, there’s strong underclassman talent that “just needs to be drawn out,” Hollingsworth said.

Several seniors opted not to come out for their final season, but Benes doesn’t feel alone. She’s excited to play with the younger players and is also hoping for a few more wins than last year, which finished 5-18.

Still, “we can’t get caught up in the win-loss record even this year. We are building a program and a team culture,” he said, adding that sometimes its better to play without expectations from both inside and outside.

No. Name Class

1 Meghan Walsh Jr.

4 Isidra Luna Jr.

5 Brittany Berry Soph.

12 Bailey Thompson Jr.

15 Lily Weldon Jr.

21 Rita Foth Jr.

23 Janessa Buer Soph.

32 Kalee Hollingsworth Soph.

33 Molly Murphy Jr.

34 Kayce Chaparas Jr.

42 Meg Heil Jr.

44 Alex Benes Sr.

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