South Park BMX improved for second season |

South Park BMX improved for second season

Geoff Mintz
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special to the dailyBMX riders race over a knoll at South Park BMX in Fairplay last summer. This season's racing kicks off on Sunday with new improvemnts to the track making it more kid-friendly.

Opening for its second season of operation, South Park BMX in Fairplay has modified its track to benefit all riders, not just the experts.

The facility is set to host its first race of the season Sunday. There will be subsequent races every Sunday through the second weekend of October.

“We’ve done a lot of stuff to the track to get it all dialed in,” said track operator Saam Golgoon. “We made a couple little changes to the layout. Compared to last year, we made it a little easier for the younger racers. Last year, we noticed it was a little difficult for the younger ones.”

Operators removed some of the bigger jumps and installed more forgiving tabletops, as opposed to rollers.

Registration for the races begins at 1:30 p.m. every Sunday. Races commence at

3. New this year, the South Park Recreation Center will remain open on Sundays, so participants can utilize the pool and other facilities between events.

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The track and its races are sanctioned by USA BMX, and categories range from

4-year-olds to 60-plus. This year, there will also be a mountain bike division for riders that may not have invested in BMX wheels. Mountain bikes are not permitted in the BMX divisions because the larger frames (more than 20 inches) are faster. For adults racing in the mountain bike class, there is a $20 entry fee – half of the proceeds benefit the track; the other half pays out to the first- through fourth-place finishers.

BMX classes are broken down into novice, intermediate and expert. At the South Park facility, classes and divisions are formulated based on popularity and who shows up.

“There’s a lot of hype going on with BMX racing this year with the Olympics coming to London. This is the second time (BMX racing will be in the Olympics),” Golgoon said. “Now that everything is regulated by USA BMX, they’re doing a nationwide Olympic day.”

On June 23, sanctioned BMX tracks across the country will offer a free day of BMX racing – no membership required – to help promote the sport and generate excitement for the Olympics.

Another date circled on the calendar is June 24, when the park will host its Colorado state-qualifier event.

“Last year, it was one of our biggest races. We had 205 people registered to race,” Golgoon said. “And there were 43 different classes for people to race for the state qualifier.”

More than a healthy sport and family activity, young participants can ride their way to a college education.

“A lot of parents are not aware what the sport can do for their kids,” Golgoon said. “When the kids win, they have the option of taking a trophy or “saver stamps” – it’s basically like money. Each stamp earned is equal to a dollar. They can either take them to businesses that are participating and purchase whatever they want. The kids can also save stamps up over the years, and they can be used for any sort of secondary education. Imagine a kid that starts racing at four years old. Over the years, it can really add up.”

For more information on the park and its program, visit or call

(719) 836-0747.

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