Summit County Fishing Report: The elusive angler’s angle |

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Summit County Fishing Report: The elusive angler’s angle

Dillon Reservoir inlets are off-colored, making fishing a little unpleasant, especially with the extra debris in the water, which tends to foul lures and lies. Still anglers are managing a few fish. Fish darker lures, gold, copper and black for best results. Dark streamers for the fly fisher with a bit of red would be a good choice.

Clear water can be found below the reservoir in the Blue River. Several anglers have had success sight fishing with mysis patterns. If the pressure is light, such as mid-week, small streamers have a good shot at producing.

Wolford Mountain Reservoir remains off-colored but has started clearing slightly and is fairly free of debris, which is good news for boaters, especially the occasional water skiers. Trollers have been picking up a few trout on small spoons while fishing for kokanee, which are being elusive at this time.

Williams Fork Reservoir continues to fill. Boaters working the shallows have been managing a few lake trout. Expect them to head deep shortly as the waters warm above 50 degrees. Pike have been spotted near shore but remain uncooperative for most anglers. When the pike are being finicky, anglers should downsize their offerings and slow their presentations.

South Park waters are seeing water temperatures in the upper 50s. Consequently, a number of hatches have been occurring.

Look for the fastest action during low-light conditions. Sometimes when the fish are keying in on the surface and a breeze comes up (ripples on the water), anglers can do well with large attractors or fishing small, dark, unweighted streamers in the surface film. Spinney Mountain Reservoir is a good place for such tactics.

Eleven Mile is seeing a lot of traffic, so a better choice might be Tarryall, which is filled to capacity. Tarryall has been fishing well for small trout and an occasional pike. The best action is occurring when there is a bit of a breeze. Calm, bright conditions call for a nap.

Jefferson still has some ice, but float tube, canoes and kayaks have been hitting the open water with some success. Be aware that fishing pressure has been high with folks trying to take advantage of the ice-off bite.

Dave Coulson is the Colorado state editor for He contributes a weekly fishing report to the Summit Daily News.