Summit hoops struggle in second half Wednesday |

Summit hoops struggle in second half Wednesday

Geoff Mintz

Summit Daily/Mark Fox

The Summit High boys’ basketball team closed out its regular season at home against Wheat Ridge on Wednesday.

Ultimately losing the game 78-50, the team got off to a solid start, but lacks the depth to carry momentum into the second half, head coach Phil Tronsrue said. The Tigers were very much in the game at halftime, down only five points.

“Lately we’ve been playing well,” Tronsrue said. “We’re not deep enough on the bench; fatigue sets in and we start to get a little careless and not play as tough of defense as we’ve been playing. (We) get a little loose with the ball and take haphazard shots. We definitely tend to make more mistakes in the second half.”

Tronsrue said the game got away from the team, coaches included, quickly, and before they knew it, they were down by nearly 30 points. The first half of the game was nip-and-tuck, with the Tigers playing to within five points most of the first two quarters.

“We started turning the ball over a little bit, taking some crazy shots, got into foul trouble; they made some free throws and pushed it out,” Tronsrue said. “We really need to be going nine deep, and in all honesty, we can only go six deep right now.

While the regular season wrapped Wednesday, the Tigers are guaranteed at least four more games in the end-of-season JeffCo League Tournament. The team will play today, Monday, Wednesday and probably back at home Thursday, depending on how the tournament plays out. As of Wednesday’s game, the coach suspected Summit (11) would be taking on Elizabeth (6).

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“We want to be the spoiler, in all honesty,” Tronsrue said. “Everybody that we’re going to see, we competed with for at least the first half of the game or more. We have nothing to loose, so we’re going to go in there and play our hearts out with a lot of passion and see what happens.

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