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Tigers end season in 2-1 OT loss

Summit Daily/Mark Fox

The Summit boys’ soccer team went down fighting in the first round of the state playoffs Thursday.

In a 2-1 overtime loss, the team battled against No. 2-seeded Broomfield in the first half, holding them to 0-0 before scoring in the first five minutes of the second half.

“It wasn’t even that lopsided of a game,” head coach Tommy Gogolen said. “We had a couple of opportunities in the first half.”

The Tigers had two shots on goal compared to Broomfield’s five shots.

“The guys started believing,” Gogolen said.

At the halftime break, the Tigers switched their mindset from man-marking and solid defense to an attack-oriented game – thus the goal right out of the locker room.

“It was a great goal,” Gogolen said. “We possessed it for about 10 passes. We had it in the corner, passed it and Peter (Grotemeyer) put it in.”

Twenty minutes went by before Broomfield pulled it together to score on the Tigers.

“You could see the urgency,” Gogolen said, explaining that the Broomfield coach was on his feet on the sidelines.

“We had them on their heels. It was great soccer,” Gogolen said. “It was a hard, physical game.”

With two OT 15-minute halves for each team to prove their worth, Broomfield came out on top after some back-and-forth.

“Broomfield had more momentum after regulation,” Gogolen said, adding that sophomore keeper Noah Glasco had big saves throughout the game, and particularly in overtime.

“Noah kept us in the game. The reporter commented on it. The coaches commented on it,” Gogolen said. Glasco had 11 saves among Broomfield’s 15 shots on goal.

He added that senior captain Connor Hebert had an outstanding performance, keeping the defense solid at his sweeper position and instructing the rest of the team on how to stay strong.

“They couldn’t crack us,” Gogolen said. “It was a battle. By no means as a coach am I disappointed.”

With the Tigers possessing the ball roughly 40 percent of the time, it wasn’t a lopsided match-up. Gogolen expected to have less time with the ball and worked with his team to capitalize on any opportunities. One was successful, others weren’t.

“By no means did we look like a 31st ranked team,” Gogolen said. “That’s coming from me, coming from the other coaches, and coming from the rest. It’s not an excuse, but other believe Summit soccer is a good, quality soccer team.”

Headed home from Broomfield, the team knew its season was over. But they weren’t hanging their heads.

“They’re happy. They’re encouraged. They know they had a good season,” Gogolen said.