Steisical: Don’t begrudge Breckenridge some flowers |

Steisical: Don’t begrudge Breckenridge some flowers

Jack Steisical

Re: “Won’t be coming back to Colorado,” by Jim and Molly Wrangler, letters, Oct. 15

You Wranglers (great name) are hypocrites. You brag about your beautiful city of Surprise, Arizona. With its “flowers all year long.” You didn’t mention however, the lush green golf courses and fountains and lakes around your city of Phoenix. The greenest place in Arizona. None of this luxuriant vegetation would even exist without millions of gallons of Colorado river water sent your way. So next time you’re sitting outside enjoying a cold drink on a hot Arizona day, that cool mist raining gently down on your hot body is probably high country run off. No thanks necessary. Just don’t begrudge Breckenridge some flowers of their own.

Jack Steisical, Breckenridge

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