Stephen Brauns: GOP or Dems, all the same |

Stephen Brauns: GOP or Dems, all the same

Stephen BraunsFrisco

Again Ruth Hertzberg has posted to her ongoing against George Bush and that evil alliance the Republicans.

Mrs. Hertzberg, I find your narrow views less than intellectual. You may have a point in deriding the Republicans; after all they are politicians, which sets them up to be no better than snakes, just like your beloved Democrats. Ruth, do you really believe the world’s and our nation’s problems should be laid at the feet of only one political group? Today, you point to your age, which I would hope would give you knowledge through a near century of learning; sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case. I was taught not to be blindly led through life by anyone or any ideology. I, too, had wished Obama would be a light of hope for this country and backed his election, but sadly, all he has done is show me that he’s just another self-serving politician. He turned our government over to Pelosi and Harry Reid, not a smart move in my opinion. While you, Pelosi and Reid continue to whine about Bush, your country and the world decline further.I don’t dislike Obama or Bush; they’re both products of a system that is horribly broken. Why don’t you try to help instead of rehashing drivel daily that does nothing positive? Recently, you used the words “reactionary” and “obstructionist”; you should not throw stones.Your opinion that Iran is not a threat to us is ludicrous, ask someone who lost family on 911. Iran has openly vowed to erase Israel; I consider that to be a serious threat to the world. Maybe you should move to Iran where you could enjoy their peace, personal freedom and democracy.

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