Summit Board of Education approves funds for new buses, roof repairs |

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Summit Board of Education approves funds for new buses, roof repairs

The Summit School District’s capital reserve projects have been planned for the 2013-14 school year. The board of education approved funds for roof repairs in two locations, the purchase of two new school buses and an allocation of $100,000 for mechanical, electrical and plumbing contingencies.

Two of the district’s school buses have reached nearly 200,000 miles each and are scheduled for replacement. The old buses will be sold in a bidding process.according to Mark Rydberg, director of business services. The vehicles are often bought by private buyers, and do not come close to defraying the cost of their replacements. Last year three buses were sold for a grand total of $13,000. A brand-new bus costs around $125,000.

Roof repairs were deemed necessary for a portion of Summit Cove Elementary and a portion of the Upper Blue Elementary. The current roofs are ballasted EPDM roofs (the name refers to the rubber-like material (EPDM) of the roof and the method in which it is attached).

“We want to seriously look at seeing if we can get a better roof that has a longer life with less leaking,” Rydberg said.

The board has budgeted $800,000 for the repairs, although exact costs won’t be known until contractors have been chosen and more evaluations have been made. The plan is to repair the roofs during the summer months so as not to interrupt school hours. Summit Cove will have roughly 21,000 square feet replaced, and Upper Blue will have roughly 45,000 square feet replaced.

The board approved $100,000 to be set aside for general repairs including mechanical, electrical and plumbing for the 11 buildings under its jurisdiction.

“It’s a traditional contingency amount that we spend on all types of items that come up,” Rydberg said.